Plastic Surgery Malaysia: Don't Go for Plastic Surgery until You Read This!

When it comes to plastic surgery, the decision process gets complicated as there are too many factors to consider. In order to help you to decide, here are the 6 most important tips to consider.
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6 Tips on Picking the Right Plastic Surgeon in Malaysia

#1 - The first important factor to consider is to start your research, both online and offline. You'd most likely to use Google to find the best plastic surgery in Malaysia? I have put the question mark intentionally as a caution to you.

Try to 'Google' various plastic surgery related phrases. You will get a list of search results and the top ones and the ones on the right column are advertisements. 

Bear in mind that the plastic surgeon's clinic high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisements on Google may not be truly reflective of the surgeon's skills, experience and also how 'safe' is the surgeon. Do not confuse good ranking with good results. Depending on the various search terms that you put in the search box, your search results will vary accordingly. I suggest you dig deeper and go through all the webpages on page 1 and 2; and start to shortlist a few plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics or centres. 

#2 - The second important factor to address is how often a plastic surgeon performs the specific procedure or surgery of interest. Do they focus mainly on breast augmentation and occasionally perform facelifts or is it a big bulk of their practice? This is crucial to information when choosing the best plastic surgeon for you. Look at the cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and certifications. If you going for an eye-lid surgery, you would go for the surgeon who has done more eye-lid surgeries than a plastic surgeon who performs eye-lid surgeries occasionally. An oculo-plastic surgeon is not a plastic surgeon but rather an eye surgeon that specializes in eye-lid surgeries.

However, we have decided to attempt to address the issue or rather try to manage your expectation over your search for the 'best'. We have tried to list the plastic surgeons according to their years of experience and also summarised some key things you should look into before deciding to do a cosmetic surgery procedure

Do refer to multiple online and offline sources and make sure the sources are credible.

#3 - Thirdly, look at online patient and doctor reviews to determine how reputable the plastic surgeon is and what others have to say about their skill level and character. Look for reviews from patients who underwent your cosmetic procedure of interest to learn more from their experience. It’s also a good idea to ask for patient references at your consultation so you can speak with them personally.

Next, you Google again the prospective plastic surgeon’s name and the centre; and add in the keywords ‘forums’ or ‘reviews’ to see what others have to say about them. If you know a friend or relative who has similar procedure done before, make sure that you talk to her. However, make sure she is a trusted friend. Some centres or surgeons do offer commission scheme or ‘patient get patient’ referral scheme. Therefore, do not just rely on information provided by a single person.

#4 - Next important factor to consider is how well your plastic surgeon and his or her staff members answer all of your questions regarding your procedure. Information on how the procedure is performed, possible risks and complications, and what to expect with recovery should be addressed as well as any additional questions you may have. 

Call up the centers and make your enquiries. Filter out those that are not able to provide you with the right information. A poorly trained staff tends to be a reflection of the centre as well. Do understand that a plastic surgery procedure requires team effort and poor resource support is a risk factor to the surgical procedure. A good cosmetic surgery standard operating procedure requires proper pre-consultation as well as proper post-procedure management.

#5 - The fifth important factor to consider is where the cosmetic surgery is actually going to be performed. Major liposuction in Malaysia requires ‘general anesthesia’ and needs to be performed in a well equipped hospital with the presence of a qualified anesthetist. The Malaysian aesthetic guidelines have clearly defined major procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction as high risk procedures and have to be conducted in a well equipped operation theatre. Definitely not in some hotel rooms! 

Body procedures such as breast augmentation and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedures require a longer surgical time and are considered a major procedure. Great care must be taken to perform them safely and effectively. Please do not compromise on this factor. 

You may also wish to select a plastic surgeon that is attached to a licensed hospital for a major procedure. The hospital management would have done the necessary ‘checking’ on the training and surgical experience of that plastic surgeon. 

If you are considering taking the risk of having a major procedure done in a non-medical standard facility just because it's cheaper, I would suggest giving the procedure a skip. Postpone it, save some money and then have it done in a proper facility with a qualified and registered cosmetic surgeon.
  • To verify whether a doctor is a registered medical practitioner, go to the Malaysian Medical Council website at:
  • To verify whether a facility is registered or licensed under Act 586, call 03-88831277 or 03-88831311 or visit:

#6 - Lastly, it’s important that you trust your plastic surgeon and connect with him/her on a personal level. Does your plastic surgeon have your best interest at heart? Does your plastic surgeon also listen to your concerns and really understand your goals? Both answers have to be a 'yes' for you to proceed. If not, go back to step 1.

Plastic Surgery Reviews in Malaysia

We have also compiled a list of related reviews (categorized by the forums) below that you may be interested to go through before you decide on which plastic surgeon to see. A word of caution before you continue. Do make sure you separate good facts from opinions and biased or poor quality facts.

From Lowyat.Net

Yumi Wong – Before and after:
Before plastic she only can fish low range lala beng, now after plastic she can fish dato/dato seri/tan sri son. Good investment…

Cosmetic Surgery – Lowyat.NET
Aug 3, 2010 – 63 posts – ‎45 authors
I'm just wondering has anyone of you done cosmetic surgery or know anyone that has done it? It can be on anything, from double eye-lid surgery to nose job and all. Can you give me some recommendation/review on where is the best place and best price? I'm just wondering...

Nose JOb – Lowyat.NET
Apr 23, 2008 – 25 posts – ‎18 authors
How much it cost in Malaysia ? … yes. u can find some good dr / plastic surgeon…before i give any contacts can u tell me which part of malaysia …

Where to perform eyelid surgery? – Lowyat.NET
May 2, 2009 – 15 posts – ‎9 authors
where to do eyelid surgery around KL or in malaysia and how much does it cost (it’ll be … any plastic surgeon can do the simple surgery la.

kl plastic surgery – Lowyat.NET
May 18, 2011 – 18 posts – ‎14 authors
as the topic,any famous plastic surgery at KL?i just heard from penang and johor only. … FYI only 33 qualified plastic surgeons in malaysia.

where to do double eyelids surgery – Lowyat.NET
Sep 1, 2008 – 18 posts – ‎12 authors
Malaysia’s Largest Online Community. … fake double eyelid surgery from not famous doc wont look nice , u will see the line very obvious . … heard my fren said tat there’s 1 clinic in Klang, it’s skin specialist + plastic surgery clinic,

24 Nov 2010 – I did double eyelids in Mid Valley @ RM2300 … So far quite satisfied the result…

Aug 2010 – I’m just wondering has anyone of you done cosmetic surgery or know anyone that has done it? It can be on anything, from double eye-lid surgery to nose job and all…


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willing to take that calculated risk. As a nurse of 35+ years my concern was more with the competency of the anaesthetist as the operation takes at least 4.5 hours.

From Malaysianbabes.Net

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… totally single. So Im not sure if it works the same for girls who have single eyelids. … You can have it done by Plastic Surgeon. Victor Cheong …

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MYB Fräulein Babe; 390 posts … I think the whole point of going for plastic surgery is self-fulfillment. … malaysia),who wouldn’t be in awe of the amazing work some plastic surgeouns have done.however,looking at da flop-ups …

can keloid scar be remove by plastic surgery? – Cosmetics …
May 27, 2009 – I’m guessing that your scar is a result of vaccines as a child? If so, they shouldn’t be really big or even if it is, you would not need any surgery.

From Related External Reviews, Blogosphere and News

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16 Jan 2012 – I may have a pair of fake boobs and a fake face – but I’ve got a real personality,” says Leng Yein, with her usual devil-may-care gusto. You might have seen Leng Yein in the newspapers. She doesn’t hesitate when it comes to talking about the cosmetic surgery she’s had.

From TheStar - Faking it for real beauty
25 Jul 2011 – Actually I have big breasts but they were just not that firm. I wanted them to be perky…And also I wanted them balanced (as one was slightly smaller than the other),” said the model who went from BC bra size to CD (one cup size bigger)…

08 Aug 2009 – Price wise, Esadsa costs the most – 6k for the implant, Imperial and George both range around 3.5k plus. As this is my first, I wouldnt want anything to go wrong or having to go back for more corrective surgery. i dont mind the price, only best QUALITY. hope any babe here can shed some light on these docs for me..??

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If there are any major reviews that we’ve missed then please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the post!

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