6 Most Important Factors to Consider - Best Cosmetic Surgery in Malaysia?

Its understandable that you would like to have the best when it comes to choosing something for yourself. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the decision process becomes more complicated as there are too many factors to consider. In order to help you to decide, here are the 6 most important factors to consider.
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#1 - The first important factor to address is how often a plastic surgeon performs the specific procedure or surgery of interest. Do they focus mainly on breast augmentation and occasionally perform facelifts or is it a big bulk of their practice? This is crucial to information when choosing the best plastic surgeon for you. Look at the cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and certifications. If you going for an eye-lid surgery, you would go for the surgeon who has done more eye-lid surgeries than a plastic surgeon who performs eye-lid surgeries occasionally. An oculo-plastic surgeon is not a plastic surgeon but rather an eye surgeon that specializes in eye-lid surgeries.

However, we have decided to attempt to address the issue or rather try to manage your expectation over your search for the 'best'. We have tried to list the plastic surgeons according to their years of experience and also summarised some key things you should look into before deciding to do a cosmetic surgery procedure.

#2 - Secondly, look at online patient and doctor reviews to determine how reputable the plastic surgeon is and what others have to say about their skill level and character. Look for reviews from patients who underwent your cosmetic procedure of interest to learn more from their experience. It’s also a good idea to ask for patient references at your consultation so you can speak with them personally.

Next, you Google again the prospective plastic surgeon’s name and the centre; and add in the keywords ‘forums’ or ‘reviews’ to see what other people have to say about them. If you know a friend or relative who has an operation done before, make sure that you talk to her. However, make sure she is a trusted friend. Some centres or surgeons do offer commission scheme or ‘patient get patient’ referral scheme. Therefore, do not just rely on information provided by a single person.

#3 - The third important factor to consider is how well your plastic surgeon and his or her staff members answer all of your questions regarding your procedure. Information on how the procedure is performed, possible risks and complications, and what to expect with recovery should be addressed as well as any additional questions you may have.

Call up the centers and make your enquiries. Filter out those that are not able to provide you with the right information. A poorly trained staff tends to be a reflection of the centre as well. Do understand that a plastic surgery procedure requires team effort and poor resource support is a risk factor to the surgical procedure. A good cosmetic surgery standard operating procedure requires proper pre-consultation as well as proper post-procedure management.

#4 - The fourth important factor to consider is where the cosmetic surgery is actually going to be performed. Liposuction in particular requires ‘general anesthesia’ and needs to be performed in a well equipped hospital with the presence of a qualified anesthetist. The Malaysian aesthetic guidelines have clearly defined major procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction as high risk procedures and have to be conducted in a well equipped operation theatre. Definitely not in some hotel rooms! Please do not compromise on this factor. If you are considering taking the risk of having a major procedure done in a non-medical standard facility just because it's cheaper, I would suggest giving the procedure a skip. Postpone it, save some money and then have it done in a proper facility with a qualified and registered cosmetic surgeon.

#5 - The sixth important factor to consider is to use Google to find the best plastic surgery in Malaysia? I have put the question mark intentionally as a caution to you.

Try Google various plastic surgery related phrases. You will get a list of search results and the top ones and the ones on the right column are advertisements.

Bear in mind that the plastic surgeon's high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisements on Google may not be truly reflective of the surgeon's skills, experience and also how 'safe' is the surgeon. I suggest you go through all the webpages on page 1 and 2; and shortlist a few plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics or centres.

#6 - Lastly, it’s important that you trust your plastic surgeon and connect with him/her on a personal level. Does your plastic surgeon have your best interest at heart? Does your plastic surgeon also listen to your concerns and really understand your goals? Both answers have to be a 'yes' for you to proceed. All the Best!

Make full use of the links below:

  • To verify whether a doctor is a registered medical practitioner, go to the Malaysian Medical Council website at www.mmc.moh.gov.my
  • To verify whether a facility is registered or licensed under Act 586, call 03-88831277 or 03-88831311 or visit http://medpcs.moh.gov.my
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